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A history filled with achievements and 21 years of investment capacity and experience in the real estate field, through which we have successfully developed over 100 projects and delivered them in prime locations in Egypt. It all started in Alexandria - the City of Palms - and then we expanded to historic Cairo - the City of Fustat - and extended our activities to Marsa Matrouh. Until now, we continue to innovate with a fresh mindset in the most upscale areas of New Cairo, striving for ongoing success. Our goal at Al-Qahira Developments is to make a distinctive mark within the Egyptian real estate market and provide a unique experience for all our clients. We are working on expanding our business scope and increasing our investments in the Egyptian and regional markets. We are always committed to achieving sustainable growth and increasing investments in the country's infrastructure.


We have a future-oriented vision for multiple areas that we develop, blending contemporary elements with the preservation of our rich heritage to leave our unique mark. Our aim is to provide integrated urban communities that meet the needs of our clients and establish ourselves as leaders in the Egyptian real estate market.


Elevating the methods of development in field of real estate investment to support and enhance the real estate industry according to market needs and global trends. We strive to provide suitable real estate solutions while ensuring adherence to the cultural and historical standards of our magnificent civilization. At the forefront of our priorities is our client, as we continuously aim to fulfill their needs before and after project delivery. They are the cornerstone of our success, and we work diligently to be worthy of the trust bestowed upon us.


‎Distinguished Construction Services

We aim to develop real estate constructions with unique designs and diverse spaces that encompass essential, recreational, and security services to cater to our clients and provide them with the highest level of luxury.

‎Premium residential communities‎

We strive to provide residential communities that blend contemporary designs with heritage details, allowing us to leave our distinct mark. Through high-precision specifications and affordable prices, we aim to offer the finest communities that cater to the needs of our clients.

‎The client is the priority‎

Our clients are always at the forefront of our priorities. We continuously seek to meet their requirements and desires both before and after unit delivery. This is our primary objective and the reason why our clients choose us consistently

High-quality real estate development

We aspire to achieve excellence in the Egyptian real estate market through the development of exceptional and high-precision real estate projects, along with a commitment to serving our clients at all times.

With a history of 21 years of investment and experience in the real estate field, we have developed more than 100 projects in the best places in Egypt.
We began our operations in Alexandria, the city of palm trees. We then headed to Cairo, the historic city of Fustat. Our activities have since extended to Marsa Matruh and New Cairo.

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